Ensure your skin is silky smooth from head to toe with our gentle waxing services. At Minabella, our staff will ensure that you and your skin receive the best treatment available. Our products are safe for all skin types and our services are offered in a private, and hygienic environment. Schedule your appointment today, and indulge in the perfect wax!

Hair MUST be at least 1/4"-1/2" for all body waxing (facial waxing excluded).

Brow Shaping (with Esthetician) 14+
Brow Maintenance (within 4 weeks of shaping) 12+
Cheeks 12+
Chin 12+
Lips 12+
Nostrils 13+
Full Face (brow, lip and chin) 40+
Underarm 25+
Half Arm 23+
Full Arm 30+
Half Leg 35+
Full Leg 55+
Bikini 35+
Brazilian 55+
Men's Back 40+
Men's Stomach 30+
Men's Chest & Stomach 45+